Tips on How to sell iPhones on Online

Do you want to sell iPhones on eBay? Then you need tips to guide you. There are many people making money by selling iPhones through this store. As such, to sell iPhones successfully, you need to know how to maneuver on this website where competition is very stiff.

Know what buyers want

Most service providers carry their versions of iPhone models that they consider popular. These iPhones are mostly locked and they cannot be used in the other networks. As such, most buyers want to purchase unlocked iPhones because these are unrestricted. These iPhones can be used by their owners for a longer period and with different carriers.

Prepare your iPhones for sale

This is an important step if you want to beat other iPhone sellers on eBay. Before listing the iPhones that you want to sell, wipe all data and apps that may have been bought for the iPhones. Simply do this by following the manufacturer’s instructions. Ensure that you have a backup for the data before you delete it. This is very important because you cannot retrieve the data after deleting it. If you have a carrier-specific SIM card, remove it from the device before you sell it. You should also contact the service provider to get specific instructions.

Build a listing for your iPhones

It is now the time to come up with a phone listing. There are steps that you should follow to maximize the chances of selling your devices at the highest price possible. For instance, you can use the catalog at eBay to create a listing. Include details and relevant keywords in order to attract more buyers. Additionally, conduct some research about the carrier to know the carriers that the iPhones that you are selling can use and which accessories fit the phones that you are offering for sale. To sell iPhones faster, showcase them with superior photos. This is because photos will show potential buyers what they will be paying for.

List your iPhones properly

There are different formats of listing items on eBay. For instance, you can have a fixed price for the iPhone which allows buyers a chance to purchase the device immediately at a clearly stated price. This is the best way to sell your iPhones if you have conducted adequate research to know the exact value and price of the device. It is also the ideal format if you want to avail the iPhones to buyers for over ten days. You can also use the auction style. This entails setting the asking price after which you can wait for price suggestions from buyers. This is the ideal way of selling iPhones if you are unsure about their prices.

Provide specific shipping details

Specify reasonable handling and shipping costs in the listing. This will improve your ranking by the buyers. Generally, make sure that your buyers will not be left wondering about the shipping cost.

After sale

Once your iPhones have been bought, package them securely or package them with the necessary accessories. This will give buyers the best impression and it is important especially if you intend to sell iPhones on eBay in the future.

Important Tips for selling iPhone 4

Are you thinking about selling iPhone 4? Then you need some tips to guide you through the process. Many people start thinking about selling their Smartphone after Apple announces the release of new models. Although there is a trade-in program that Apple uses to pay customers for their older phones, you can make more money when you sell the device via an auction site or third-party company. Nevertheless, there are tips that can guide you so that you can get the most from your old iPhone.

Remember that the more you stay with your iPhone 4 the more it drops in value

Previous iPhone generations fall in their value by up to 5 percent after the first week of the announcement of the release of the new models In the second week, this figure increases by up to 12 percent and it can go even to 20 percent in a month’s time. This implies that if you sell your iPhone now you will get more money than you would if you sell it next month.

Unlock your iPhone 4 before you sell it

If you has an AT & T subscription and your contract has already come to an end, you need to check the unlock page for your device. This will guide you through the process of unlocking your Smartphone. An unlocked iPhone 4 will sell at a higher price than a locked device. It will also attract more prospects regardless of where you offer it for sale. Additionally, know the iOS version of the device because most people who want to jailbreak it will want to know its specific firmware. Doing this while selling iPhone 4 will increase its value significantly.

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Compare cash and the value of a gift card  

If you are selling your old Smartphone so that you can buy a new one, it is important that you find out whether the retailer offers gift cards. To be more liberal and bring in more buyers, some retailers offer gift cards for old devices. It is important that you compare the value of the gift card that the retailer might offer you for your iPhone 4 with the cash that the retailer is offering you. This will enable you to determine whether it is wise to take cash and buy a new phone or use the gift card and additional cash to buy the latest iPhone model.

Describe your iPhone properly

If you opt to sell your iPhone 4 via an auction website, describe it properly. When buying iPhones and other Apple devices, people are notoriously image conscious. They want to know the condition of the gadgets that they purchase. Therefore, describe your device properly and include images to show prospects what they will be paying for.

Leverage the power of the social media

Do not forget the power of the social media. You might have friends who want to buy your old device. Therefore, take advantage of networks like Twitter and Facebook when selling iPhone 4 to find out how you can get more money from your old device.

How to Prepare to Sell Old iPhone

If you want to upgrade to the latest iPhone model, you might also want to sell old iPhone. However, before you offer that iPhone for sale, it is important that you prepare it properly so that you can have it bought right away. To do this, it is important that you know what exactly you should do to ensure that your phone is ready for resale.

Backup with iCloud and iTunes

It does not matter whether you want to sell the device on eBay, Craigslist or to a family member or friend or even pass it to a trade-in program, make sure that you have backed up your device beforehand. The reason for doing this is simple. You want to move everything to your new device once you purchase it. This implies that you will pick up from where you left with settings, customizations and apps among others. Actually, it is advisable that you double backup your data. Backup your data in your local computer and in iCloud. This will enable you to access your data with ease once you acquire your new device.

Disable iMessage

When you disable iMessage, you are assured that the number will not get the inbound iMessages that are aimed at you after the device changes ownership. This is important especially for the CDMA providers such as Sprint and Verizon where phone numbers remain active and there is no SIM card that can be removed. The number will be active until you switch via the carrier or deactivate it. Before you sell old iPhone, open the settings and go to messages then switch off the iMessage.

Unregister the device with Apple

When you unregister your iPhone before you sell it, you ensure that it is not associated with the Apple ID that you acquired when you bought it. Although most people overlook this will selling their old iPhones, it is easy to do yet it is very crucial. Simply log in to Apple support using your ID. Select your iPhone model and select “Unregister” use your Apple account to confirm your intention to unregister.

Unlock your iPhone

Unlocking your device before you sell it will boost its resale value. If your iPhone is an AT & T, you will need a few minutes to request for unlock from the carrier. These days, unlocking AT &T iPhone is simple and quick. Therefore, do not sell a locked iPhone because this will lower its resale value. Instead, take a few minutes to unlock your device to make it usable on alternate GSM carriers. If you have other versions of carriers such as Verizon and Sprint, you might have unlock options for the devices that have slots for SIM card but you will have to contact the carriers directly to get the respective unlock for your device.Visit our website to know more about selling your iphone & Apple products

Deactivate your iPhone or remove your SIM card

To avoid passing the carrier plan for your device to a new owner, deactivate it before you sell it. This will enable you to ensure that the phone will not transfer data, make or receive calls.

Erase data and reset it to factor defaults

Do this after backing up your data. Once you have backed up your data, you can sell old iPhone and buy a new one.

Tips on How to prepare to sell iPhone 5 at the Best Price Possible

If you have already acquired iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus or if you want to buy one, you might as well want to sell iPhone 5. In that case, you should start by preparing to sell your old iPhone. It is important to remember that looks always sell and this will happen to your old iPhone. Therefore, make sure that your old iPhone 5 is shinny and looking its best. Try as much as you can to ensure that it is in the condition that you purchased it in. If that is not possible, make it look pretty close to the way it looked when you bought it.

Erase Personal Data

You do not want the new owner to have your vital personal data. This means you have to create a backup on iTunes or iCloud before your press on the factory restart. This will return the device software to the original state that it was in when you bought the device. After completing this process, you will not have the apps, videos, pictures and other personal content in the phone.

Inspect the Condition of the Device

This means that you much check everything or every aspect of the iPhone. Check the screen, case, buttons and ports among others. This is the only way that you will know what you can fix and what you cannot fix. It is also important to inspect the condition of your device because it enables you to explain the details of the condition of the device when asked about it. This is very important because when you sell iPhone 5 to a person or a company, you should be honest with them about the actual condition of the device. This will enable you to avoid possible disputes.

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Locate the Accessories of the Device

When you have all accessories of your old iPhone, people get the perception that your device has been taken care of properly and therefore it is most probably in good condition. Including more accessories will enable your device to fetch a higher price in the market. If possible, find the box of the device as well. Many buyers will appreciate this and it sends a good signal to your potential buyers. You can also find the warranty paper of your old iPhone and include it too. This tells potential buyers that what you are selling is genuine and not a cheap fake phone.

Clean it

Clean the device physically to give it a more appealing look. You can use a microfiber cloth and a commercial spray for cleaning electronic devices. Apply the spray on the cloth and wipe the surface of the device gently. This will take only a few minutes. Leave the device to dry after cleaning it. Once it has dried, double check it to ensure that there are no left out spots.

Unlock the Device

If you unlock your device, you will sell it at a higher price than if you sell it when locked. Therefore, look for a service that you can pay to have your device unlocked. This will enable you to get a little more money when you sell iPhone 5.