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05 November

Singapore to Colorado

Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M.

Monday night before leaving Singapore, I met with my old friend David Ng. A Seagate alumnus, David is now CEO of his family's business, The Pet Lover's Center, Singapore's answer to PETsMART. We talked until almost midnight about everything from business, to politics, to family, to gadgets.

Tuesday I was up at 04:30 to catch my flight to Tokyo, connecting to San Francisco, and finally Denver. A much better travel experience than my trip over to Singapore, though I didn't get any sleep on the flight. Normally, I get a one to two hour nap between Tokyo and San Francisco. My friend Perry Willson picked me up at Denver International Airport and drove me back to Longmont where I'm staying until we close on our house in Lyons. I managed to stay up until 20:30 but was only able to sleep until 02:30. Isn't jet lag wonderful?

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29 December


We'll have to wait a couple of more years, but the Eclipse 500 promises to be a 21st century volksflieger or "peoples airplane". While still too expensive for most individuals to own, it promises to open up a new era in affordable jet charter flight.

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03 January

Snowed In, Pueblo

Well, I made it back to Colorado, but not all the way to Lyons. It started snowing shortly after I crossed over into Colorado from New Mexico and after passing several accidents in an hour, I stopped and checked into the Wingate Inn in Pueblo. On the bright side they have free high speed Internet access here.

I walked over to the Village Inn next door for dinner. On the way back I came upon a rabbit. The snow seems to have hidden me from it. It seemed to sense the presence of a predator, but couldn't identify or locate me precisely, though I was only about seven meters from it. It stood on its hind legs sniffing the air and staring.

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04 January

Back in Lyons

I made it to Lyons this morning. The roads were pretty messy until I made it past Monument Hill (7352 ft. MSL). The critters seemed glad to see me. I shoveled snow from the driveway and walk and unloaded the Mountaineer.

I had a great vacation in Oklahoma, but I was terrible about exercising. I need to get back into the daily habit. I don't generally do New Year resolutions, but drastic measures are necessary, so I resolve to do three weight training sessions a week and do something aerobic most days.

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10 January

Ad Astra

This Washington Times article gives a preview of President Bush's plan for revitalizing the U.S. space program. Key points are consolidation of the robotic and human space programs and human exploration of the Luna and Mars with robotic assistance. If he can get congressional approval for this, NASA will again be more than than a jobs program for bureaucratic techies.

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25 January

Opportunity Has Landed

The second US Mars lander, Opportunity, has landed safely. Meanwhile, on the opposite side of the planet, Spirit is back in communication with mission control, though still not back to normal. Debugging activity continues.

Perhaps the next Mars landing will begin preparation of a base for human exploration.

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22 March


We have stuff. The movers are gone after unloading our household goods from Oklahoma. Though it seemed like we got rid of a lot of stuff before the move, it seems that we still have too much stuff. With higher home prices in Colorado than Oklahoma, we have about 20% less finished square footage, but the unfinished basement assures that everything except the kayaks and Mountaineer is under cover.

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29 May

St. Mary's Glacier

We're spending the Memorial Day weekend at the St. Mary's Glacier Bed & Breakfast Lodge. It's beautiful here, if a little remote. This log house is a twenty minute drive north of Idaho Springs at an elevation of 10,500 feet and the glacier's 300 feet higher. You ford a (very small) stream to get here.

It's Springtime in the Rockies, with snow flurries off and on all day, interspersed with sunny periods. It only accumulated in sheltered areas until dusk, when the flurries became a steady snowfall. We drove down to Idaho Springs to browse around the shops, have lunch, and pick up some groceries to bring back to St. Mary's. We cooked a pizza for dinner, then went for a walk in the snow.

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31 May

More Snow and Another Fox

Yesterday evening it looked like the weather was starting to clear, but the wind picked up late last night and we woke to more snow, with periodic white outs and visibility down to about 100 meters. It began clearing about mid morning and we headed back toward Lyons. We stopped near the fox den to see if we could get a photo, but no such luck. We didn't see the kits, but did see an adult fox, though we didn't manage to get a clear shot at it.

We stopped in Longmont on the way home to walk around down town and have lunch. Not much was open, but the Pump House did serve a good meal.

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