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28 October

California Burning

The fires in California are producing some interesting imagery from NASA. Hat tip to lemonodor.

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30 October

Colorado Burning Too

Not on the scale of the California fires, but serious enough. The Overland Fire is too close for comfort, just a few miles from our new home.

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31 October

Winter Mix

Freezing rain and snow dampened the Overland Fire between Jamestown and Lyons. I never thought I'd be thankful for a winter mix, it's usually just a pain in the rear.

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01 November

Overland Fire Under Control

The Overland Fire is under control. The high winds that initially made fighting the fire so difficult may have been responsible for igniting it. The top of a tree was broken off by 60 MPH winds, falling on a power line which started the fire.

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22 November


I'm seeing my first real snowfall since moving to Colorado. I don't count seeing snow in the mountains or the flurries that we've had on a couple of mornings. It was snowing lightly when I got up and has become heavier as the morning progressed. Visibility is down to about 400 meters. More later, I have work to do.

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18 December

SARS in Singapore

Here we go again.

It looks like SARS has raised its ugly head again in Singapore. Luckily, it's not expected to reach epidemic proportions this year.

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15 February

Lyons Walks

Living in a small town on the edge of the Rockies provides for some good walks. I periodically see a small group of mule deer that forages around here. Last Thursday I found a six point rack that one of them had recently shed. A great blue heron hunts in the St Vrain river near by and sometimes in the ponds between the river and the house.

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21 February

Mountain Lions

I went to a presentation on "Living with Mountain Lions in Colorado" at the Lyons town hall today. This is prime habitat, so it seemed like a good idea. It as an informative presentation by the Colorado Division of Wildlife. I can now identify puma spoor with some confidence.

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30 May

Foxes in the Snow

Yesterday's snow flurries turned into a real snow storm today. We spent most of the day in the cozy log house reading and watching the snow fall. It slacked off in the afternoon and we went for a walk in the fresh snow. We spied a pair of fox kits playing outside their den.

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