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01 November

E-Voting Perils

Making Votes Count

Dan Gillmor comments on e-voting insecurity. Most of the new electronic voting machines being introduced are vulnerable to fraud and lack any sort of audit trail. We need to force our election commissions to make these new systems accountable.

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11 November

Lyons House

We closed on a house in Lyons, Colorado yesterday. It's more expensive here than Oklahoma, but it could be worse. Something like ours would cost 2-3 times as much in Boulder. Working on communication services and deciding on landscaping now.

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19 November

Living in Lyons

Well, I'm in the new house, and I think we're going to like living in Lyons. Not that there aren't a few bumps in the road. Our furniture won't ship for a while, so I'm batching it with an an inflatable bed, a folding table, and some folding chairs. I don't have telephone service yet, and don't know when I'm going to get it, though I do have Internet access, thanks to GreenSpeed Communications, a wireless broadband supplier to several small communities in northern Colorado.

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27 November

Giving Thanks

On this day we should all be thankful for the good things that come our way and those who stand between us and the bad things. I wasn't able to be with my family this year, but I did have a tasty Thanksgiving dinner at Andrea's Homestead Cafe.

Austin Bay comments:: That's why I'm thankful for soldiers courageous enough to face the violence. I should have added I'm also thankful -- 365 days a year, not merely on the last Thursday in November -- for aid and relief workers, and diplomats who risk their lives in a long, tough struggle to build a more secure and democratic world.

Read the rest.

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28 November

Bush in Iraq

President Bush's visit to Iraq was a class act. It showed the world, but especially Iraqi citizens, that Iraq is important enough for an American president to visit despite the risk in these troubled times. An Iraqi perspective is offered in Healing Iraq

Let freedom ring!

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29 November

Music Town

Lyons is a music town that promises to satisfy my eclectic tastes: blues, country, folk, jazz, and rock. Many of the restaurants have live music, and Planet Bluegrass is a local company which promotes music festivals in Lyons and elsewhere in the Rockies. I'm looking forward to taking advantage of that.

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14 December

Way to Go, 4th ID

Good on the 4th Infantry Division for capturing Sadam. Those providing intelligence leading to this capture deserve praise as well. This is an important step toward a free, democratic Iraq.

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19 December

Christmas Spirit

I've almost completed my Christmas preparations, sending a box of goodies to Houston and ordering Villa Tatra's excellent smoked trout for some on my Christmas list.

I had a fine dinner of bratwurst at Andrea's accompanied by music by Fred Shelton Later, at home, a group of my new neighbors came by singing Christmas carols.

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27 December

Home for the Holidays

Home for the Holidays

I'm back home in Norman, Oklahoma for the holidays. It's good to see friends and family here. We had Christmas brunch at a friends house and a quite dinner at home. Among my gifts were a couple of geek treats: a Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers DVD and a boxed set of Feynman's Lectures on Physics.

We had some friends over for a Boxing Day dinner yesterday. We like to spread out the festivities a bit. Despite the unseasonably warm weather, we had a fire in the fireplace for atmosphere. Nice, if a bit toasty.

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01 January

Happy New Year

We celebrated New Year's Eve last night by attending a performance of Andrew Lloyd Webber music by the Cimarron Circuit Opera Company at the Sooner Theater. We'll be visiting friends today. I'd like to wish peace, prosperity, and freedom to all in 2004.

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07 January

Saddam's Spider Hole

Here are some interesting photos of Saddam's spider hole.

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10 February

Reserve Retirement

I'm now retired, sort of. I just back back from my last drill weekend with the 507th Air Refueling Wing. I had an informal retirement ceremony and out-processed from the unit. That leaves me with just one full time job. It'll some take getting used to, having weekends and not using vacation for military duty. For a while at least, I'll use the extra time getting settled in our new house. I haven't fished in years, but since the St. Vrain River is less than a quarter of a mile from the house, I may try my hand at fly fishing.

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12 March

Madrid Bombing

As a percentage of population, the Madrid bombing is almost as severe a blow to Spain as 9/11 was to the United States. The Spanish are understandably angry as well as grief stricken in the aftermath as this photo illustrates. They deserve our condolences and continued resolve to rid the Earth of the terrorists who perpetrate such crimes. Hat tip to Glen Reynolds.

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14 March

Free Iran!

The Iranian people are making a effort to Free Iran from theocratic despotism and move toward a democratic government. The resistance is not well organized, so little may come of it. Best of luck to them.

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21 March


Ask not for whom the bell tolls.

Mad is the European who thinks himself immune to terror for having opposed Saddam's overthrow.
Andre Glucksmann

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23 April

Pat Tillman RIP

Former NFL linebacker Pat Tillman was Killed In Action yesterday in Afghanistan. See the Citizen Smash post.

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15 May

Armed Forces Day

The Command Post remembers Armed Forces Day.

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17 May


Art Off the Map

We participated in the Lyons Art Walk this past weekend. There were a lot of nice things, but our only purchase was a hiking stick from Whistle Creek.

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20 June

LtU has Moved

The New and Improved Lambda the Ultimate

With the end of free hosting at Weblogs.com Lambda the Ultimate has moved to a new site. I'm glad that it's surviving Dave Winer's troubles.

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